Create perfect slopes - all year around.

F3 Snow – The future of artificial snow

F3 Snow is a quest to perfect snow making to sustain the skiing seasons world wide. We aim, not only to make the perfect snow for skiing, but to make it in a sustainable way, using only water and as little energy as possible. With our ground-breaking technology we can produce high quality snow in high outside temperatures using as little as 20% of the energy compared to our competitors.

Game-changing performance

Our Technology guarantees snow in the slopesindependently of temperatures and performs unmatched all year around. Take control of the slopes and manage your snow as the crucial asset it is. With our technology you take control over your snow demand and stay competitive for the future.

Low operation cost

With intelligent orchestration between traditional and new snow production technologies you use the technology that has the lowest operation cost every time.


Minimize the risk of not being able to open your slopes in the beginning of the season and offer customers a real snow warranty.

Financial control

Control and increase your revenue income trough controlling the beginning and the end of the season.


Easy access service via grouped instruments; valves, pumps, fuses etc. Snow output on top through 360 rotation valve throwing distance adjustable 5 – 25 m.

Three external connection points:

> Electricity
> Water feed
> Cooling water

Can be programmed to place the snow in different stack patterns and shapes. Maximum stack configuration 50 x 25 x 8 m (l x w x h)

Operating data

Snow volume: 45/90 m³/day
Power consumption: 4-8 kWh/m³
Grain size: 0.1-0.3 mm
Density: 380-415 kg/m³
Weight: 1.450 kg
Dimensions (meters): L 2.0 W 1.5 H 4.5

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